About Go Greek
Go Greek Yogurteria is an authentic yogurt bar and café inspired by Greek culture and cuisine. We are dedicated to providing a nutritious and alternative solution to regular meals, focusing on healthy lifestyles through our nutritionally dense and delicious food options.

Go Greek Yogurteria's mission is to influence and inspire good nutrition and healthy eating habits. We are passionate about delivering quality and evoking awareness that impacts society - creating a lasting change that educates and sustains heathy eating habits. We're driven to promote and foster the growth of living well through our diverse and eclectic menu options.
Our yogurt bar
Go Greek is more than a made-to-order and on-the-go restaurant; it's a healthy living revolution. Master Yogurtiers tend to our fresh yogurt bar, where you can order 0%, 2%, or 10% fat Greek yogurt with a variety of nutritious toppings, including fresh fruits, superfoods, and imported gourmet Greek toppings . 

For a guilt-free yet decadent treat, we also offer the luxury of a self-serve Greek frozen yogurt bar. Our Greek frozen yogurt offers more benefits than traditional frozen yogurt and our self-serve bar features fresh, healthy, and mainly sugar-free toppings.

We welcome you to join us and Go Greek today! 
Our story
Go Greek Yogurt was created in 2012 by David, Tanja, and Jonathan - three individuals of European, Canadian, and of course, Greek descent. Together, with their varying skill-sets and ambition, they gave rise to a new concept in the food industry.

The purpose of Go Greek Yogurt is to encourage a new perspective and approach to how people nourish themselves. Choosing an appetizing menu that fulfills the demands of many people's lives and agendas is our way of educating the world about the power of the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle.

Sometimes in life "less is more". Here at Go Greek, less in quantity is absolutely more in nutritional value and quality. Our passion and goal is to offer people from all over the world the convenience of easy, grab-and-go nutritional food options using clean, fresh, and healthy ingredients.

The Go Greek mindset is that if fed properly, the body will function and produce at a successful rate, therefore making every day in life a pleasure.
Our lifestyle
Eat smaller meals: At Go Greek Yogurt, we encourage smaller meals by offering a delicious variety of nutritious "meal-like" options. Over eating breaks down the system requiring your internal machine to work much harder causing many of the ailments Americans endure. LESS is MORE!

Drink water: We drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Most cravings and feelings of hunger are actually dehydration.

Breathe deeply: A proper breath should start from the depth of your stomach, not your chest.

Move around: Any movement you can make during the day is beneficial to your well being.

Most of all focus on the positive and be grateful for everything you have and ENJOY the one life we have!