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The ‘Rolls Royce of Yogurts’ Debuts Soon at the Palazzo

Master “yogurtiers” and superfoods arrive next month.

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Go Greek Yogurt Opens in Sin City

Go Greek Yogurt, an authentic yogurt bar inspired by Greek culture and cuisine, will open its first location outside of Southern California at The Venetian Resort Las Vegas.

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Get Fresh With Go Greek Yogurt

The Editorialist LA discovers her new favorite Fresko dishes for any time of day at Go Greek Yogurt — The Village of Topanga.

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Go Greek Yogurt Opens in Corona Del Mar

Go Greek Yogurt isn’t another frozen yogurt joint. Yes, it does do frozen yogurt, but it isn’t all it does.

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Go Greek Yogurt and Frozen Yogurt in OC

Beverly Hills based Go Greek—Greek yogurt and frozen yogurt--just made its way into Orange County and we couldn't be happier.

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Greek yogurt makes it to the next level

Go Greek Yogurt featured on LA Eater.

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Go Greek Yogurt

Go Greek Yogurt is one of our favorite places in LA. The deliciousness that goes on here is pretty magical. If you visit the shop, chances are you'll run into a glow girl or two.

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Go Greek Yogurteria Expands To Santa Monica

Toddrickallen- Gastronomist Extraordinaire gives a sneak peak of Go Greek Yogurt — Santa Monica.

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Beverly Hills News – Walk with the Mayor Gets Auto-mated

Beverly Hills Mayor visits Go Greek Yogurt. See the full story in the Beverly Hills Courier.

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Go Greek Yogurt Opens in Beverly Hills

Mom Angeles discovers Go Greek Yogurt as a great place to take your family and provide your kids with a healthy delicious treat!

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Introducing Go Greek Yogurt

America's Best TV



KTLA: Go Greek Frozen Yogurt Offers a New Twist on Healthy Snacks

Lu Parker reports for Health Smart for the KTLA 5 News at 10.

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